Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last weekend was OBX bike week, my first, at OBX that is. We had 19 in a 3-story cottage on Nags Head. We had meals planned, rides planned, and drinks planned. Here are a few highlights: I had my phone out while riding the bike at 70 miles an hour (ok, sometimes 80, but don't tell mom) down 64 east. All the while looking to the north/northeast at the dark clouds and praying that we didn't hit the storm, Oh, and that I didn't drop my phone. The iPhone should really come with a dummy-cord.

I learned a new drink, the Peppermint Patty. First the chocolate syrup.

Then mix with the Peppermint Schnapps.
Yep, a York Peppermint Patty in my mouth. Delish! Try it immediately.

Then the best part, I got to "ride" a Harley. Get in the driver's seat, shift through the gears up to 60 mph, and everything. Granted, it was on one of those simulator thingys where the back tire is on a roller ball (what is that contraption called?), but still...I did it! Last September I won the Rider's Edge course at Ray Price at a charity auction. I have yet to actually sign up for the course, but being able to feel the throttle is, I have to admit, addicting!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mas Tequila, Por Favor

So, I'm in Mexico City for a work trip. Today we went sightseeing. Among the churches, temples, ruins, and pyramids, I learned the most important thing of all, the correct way to shoot tequila. Our guide, Jesus, gave us the tutorial. Most of us have done the whole lick your hand, sprinkle the salt, lick the salt, shoot the tequila, suck the lime, thing. However, according to Jesus, this is the Hollywood way, yes, the gringo way. The correct method, which I will happily demonstrate for all of you upon my return, is as follows: sprinkle the salt on the lime, suck the lime and hold the juice in your mouth, shoot the tequila, and swallow all the yummy goodness. It's not nearly as strong, and tastes like a mini margarita! Thank you, Jesus!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cornhole Newbie

Today we rode to Van's Bar in Bahama. It's the perfect place to hang on a gorgeous Sunday. Cheap beer, free food, lazy pups, and good ol' country boys who happen to ride. A new addition to Van's are the cornhole boards. After a brief practice round and tutorial for me (gasp, I've never played cornhole!), Dave and I took on Jim and Cathy. Here are Dave and Jim. Look closely and you'll see our fifth player, Gracie.

Don't worry, the bags didn't come anywhere near her. I guess Gracie just didn't want us to forget about her. And how could we?!

Since Dave and I won the first round, we played Wayne and Nan. Yep, we won that one, too (beginner's luck?), as you can see on the fancy scoreboard.

And behind that fancy scoreboard, we have the fancy potties...
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