Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's N.C. State Fair Time!!

Having grown up in Raleigh, the N.C. State Fair is in my blood. As well it should be for anyone who has grown up in North Carolina or lived here for at least one Fair season. If someone says they've never been to the Fair, I can't help but look at them like they're from outer space, or, horror of horrors, New York! And that's just what happened about six months ago.

That's when I met my boyfriend, Jim. Jim is a biker from New York. He's lived in Raleigh for five years but has never attended the Fair. When I heard this, after picking my jaw up off the floor, I immediately started thinking about what a deprived child he is! Never had the sweet and salty taste of roasted corn? The free hushpuppies in the Mill? The embarrassment of eating a huge turkey leg? The ice cream made from cows' milk just down the road? And then there's the deep fried goodies-oreos, cheesecake, and milky way bars! But, my favorite by far, fried PICKLES!!

When I saw the post for a Deep Fried Ambassador on Facebook, I thought what better opportunity to show Jim all the tasty delights that the Fair has to offer. Let this southern girl show that Yankee how it's really done. After all, if I can get on the back of a bike for him (shhh, don't tell him that I secretly LOVE it!), the least he can do is eat some greasy, tasty, artery-clogging food for me!

Side note, and something that has now become my life's mission, is getting Jim to adore southern food the way I do. Thank the dear Lord he's already a fan of good ol' Eastern North Carolina pulled pork BBQ. However, despite his insistence on calling it Cream of Wheat (wow that was hard to type), my quest to turn him into a fan of grits (extra butter and salt please) continues!!

And, I can't think of anything better than the chance to be Deep Fried American Shanpie.

Friday, September 10, 2010

25 Random Things About Me (complete with video links!)

About a year and a half ago, a "note" was going around Facebook where you were supposed to list 25 random things about yourself. Since I've now started this blog, I think I'll repost here, plus or minus a few of the random things (NSFB is my own spin on NSFW, for those of you who know what that stands for. If you don't, is your friend). Also, the title of my blog is "tales from the back of a bike (and other random tidbits)." I have shared lots of tales but not many tidbits. Here goes:

1. I always have Coke Zero stocked in my fridge. I have to drink it over ice in a glass. I don't like fizzy drinks in cans-except beer.
2. I have a super-sensitive sense of smell. Sometimes fun, like in a bakery, sometimes dangerous, like in a bakery.
3. Close talkers annoy me. My mom is a close talker and I often have to tell her to step off(!), only nicer, I mean, she is my mom after all. What's a close talker? Watch and learn.
5. I can recite any line from the movie "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" along with the actors.
6. It gives me the heebiejeebies to touch or think about anyone touching my inner arm (opposite elbow area). 
7. I like to organize people's DVDs into movies vs. TV shows and then alphabetical. For those of you whose DVDs I have organized this way, be warned that I just may stop by for an inspection when you least expect it.
9. I used to torment my little brother with the song "We Will Rock You". Not such a good idea today as he is now 6'5".
10. My "little" brother used to torment me with bacon grease yelling "grease, fat, bacon". Why this bothered me then, I have no idea, since "bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good". Come on, you must know what movie that's from! 10a. It's one of my faves. If you still don't know, check this out. 
11. I collected (ok fine, collect, present tense) Beanie Babies and am waiting to cash them in for retirement.
12. I still sleep with a Smooshee. It is missing an ear, all its stuffing, and its face. (update: said Smooshee died and has been replaced with a new Smooshee from my 1990 collection). What's a Smooshee you ask? Awww yeah, there's a commercial.
13. I got kissed by a local in a discotheque in Florence, Italy when I was 16.
14. Florence, Italy is my favorite city.
15. I have my closet organized by short sleeve/long sleeve and then by color.
16. NSFB
17. My parents once called the police on me when I was in high school. I came home at 3:30am to blue lights and a hysterical mother. But I had fun at laser tag. No judgment, it was 1994!
18. I recently discovered that I lisp when I drink too much. Well, I didn't so much discover it as my friends made fun of me for it. Apparently it'ths lotths of laughths.
19. NSFB
20. I've never had a cavity (knock on wood).
21. I once smoked a whole pack of Marlboro Reds just to see what would happen. I got sick.
22. I don't like the smell of cigarette smoke. Reference #2 and #21. Strangely, cigar smoke doesn't bother me.
23. I was once in a commercial with my dog, Joey, for the Westminster Dog Show. I have the videotape, but no link. :(
24. I once drove my Honda 120 mph just to see if I could. I can. Foreshadowing of fast times to come??!! Hmmmm

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy What?

So, on the way to a Labor Day party, with normal Labor Day celebration things like pool time, sun, grilling, and beverages, I had to stop at my parents' house to pick something up. Imagine my surprise when I see this in the yard.

Um, excuse me, but I was under the impression that it was still summer. Why my mom decided to wish the summer away, I have no idea. So I called to tell her I was sad, and she laughed. I don't find this funny at all, and I'm sure most of you will agree (well I know at least one of you who will, Penny).

Luckily, pulling up to Jim's pool, the apartment complex was in a more festive mood. Not nearly as cute, not nearly as southern, not nearly as rhymey, but dangitall, I love it!

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Location:Mom and Dad's house

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lake Gaston ride

Today Dave planned and Steve led a ride to Watersview Restaurant on Lake Gaston. The view is gorgeous, right on the water (as if the name didn't give that away already). We had a nice table outside so we could enjoy the boats driving up and the skiers skiing. Wish I could be out there with them.

Slowly but surely I'm learning that it's not about the quickest or most direct route, it's about the ride. I'm one of these that likes directions, a map, a clear route (hello, have we met?!). But with bikers it's a whole other ball game. And it's actually not so bad (once you get in the right frame of mind. Which takes about, oh, well, I'll let you know when I've come to peace with that). You get to experience the area in a totally different way. Sights, sounds, and smells that you normally wouldn't experience in a car. Little towns that you never knew existed suddenly come to life. Did you know there's a Macon, NC? Inglewood, NC? To name just two.

Anyway, back to the group at the restaurant for lunch. Here we have, from left and around the table, Cathy, Dave, Patty, Steve, Pete, Melissa, and Jim. (appreciate this pic people-I almost fell in the lake for it!)

Of course, college football started yesterday. Cathy and Dave, in true team spirit and support, despite our recent, shall we say, "issues", are sporting Carolina blue (and very nicely coordinated as a couple which makes me happy).

Finally, here's what happens when a sharp-ish kick stand sits in a freshly paved parking lot in the hot sun.

Yep, Dave left his mark on Lake Gaston.

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Location:Littleton, NC

Friday, September 3, 2010

Eh? (Likes and Dislikes of Canada)

So-I traveled to Canada twice in the last year for work and documented a few of my thoughts in my Facebook Notes. Some of you know of my love/hate relationship with all things Canada. In keeping with the "tidbits" portion of my blog, I decided to post here.

Smells like piss.
Immigration didn't stamp my passport.
I have to listen to all instructions twice (English and French). At least English is first.
They sell milk in bags.
There are diagonal crosswalks-seems dangerous.
People don't understand what it means to wait in a line. There are rules people-don't break in line!
I haven't heard "Eh" enough to get tired of it. I'm in Canada, I want to hear it dangit!
Can't connect to gmail.
They have this fruit that looks like an apple, you eat it like an apple, but it tastes like an unripe peach...I'm not sure how to feel about this one.

Canadian bacon is different in Canada-it's better!
There are diagonal crosswalks-seems efficient!
I get to watch SYTYCD-Canada!
They have this fruit that looks like an apple...
You get to leave!
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