Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've got the Fever(s)

Spring Fever: It's finally here, spring! One of the best seasons in NC, and if not for the pollen, would be THE best. But that title goes to summer in my book. With spring comes open windows (again, before and after the pollen, not during), grilling out (even better when someone else does the grilling!), walking the boys (especially on all the fun new trails around Cary), and the sunroof!!

Basketball Fever: Yep, March Madness. After the first weekend of the tourney, my brackets aren't completely busted, only partially busted (thanks a lot Pitt). Now let's see how far my Heels get, and how far the dookies don't get!

Motorcycle Fever: Finally time for riding!! Went on the first ride since October last Thursday, St. Patty's Day. There's almost no better feeling than the sun in your face and the wind in your hair when you're riding. Steve led a nice ride around Jordan Lake and we ended up back at Abbey Road for dinner (and Guinness!). Luckily for us it's just about a mile down the street from home. It's our new fave hangout, and bonus for trivia Wednesdays!

No medicine wanted for these fevers!

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