Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wedding Details

For those that know me, you know I'm a details gal. I like them. They make me happy. In planning a wedding, there are lots of details to be had. For the most part I'm able to process the details, make a decision, and move on. However, for some reason I'm obsessing about plates. Yes, paper plates.

Our wedding will be very informal. Friends, family, sun (hopefully), sand, nibbles, and booze. We're setting up pretty much everything ourselves. Which means we're supplying all the paper products. Which means I get to select the plates. Which means I've been to no less than ten places to look for paper plates. I've probably spent about five hours looking at, purchasing, then changing my mind and returning paper plates.

So I narrowed it down to two styles that I really like. I bring them home for the hubby-to-be. Show off the two styles, so proud of myself. He reluctantly selects one, feeling the Y chromosome slowly leave his body. I happily check off that decision in my mind when he brings me right back to reality... "Baby, they're plates".

Hanging my head in shame, "Yes. Yes they are". 

April 15th can't get here fast enough!


  1. At least you and I know the effort put into the choosing!!! After a few glasses of wine we may not even be using plates.

  2. The plates, and the wedding, were wonderful. Your attention to detail shined through...


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