Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 6- not the best day

So our plan was to come up the Needles Highway, go through Lead (pronounced Leed), then head up through Spearfish Canyon to see the falls. Well, that's basically what happened with some additional "excitement" along the way. As we were leaving Lead, a tire came off of a truck in front of us, bounced across the road and hit a bike coming in the opposite direction. Somehow, that driver managed to stay up, get to the side of the road, before he let his passenger off and laid the bike down. We stayed there with them and tried to help until the ambulance and sheriff came. They are alive, but have likely broken ankles/bones and lots of scrapes and bruises. Very scary stuff and but for timing could've been us. Thankfully, we are now safe in our trailer while we wait for the rain/hail storm to pass. #thankyouJesus

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