Friday, September 3, 2010

Eh? (Likes and Dislikes of Canada)

So-I traveled to Canada twice in the last year for work and documented a few of my thoughts in my Facebook Notes. Some of you know of my love/hate relationship with all things Canada. In keeping with the "tidbits" portion of my blog, I decided to post here.

Smells like piss.
Immigration didn't stamp my passport.
I have to listen to all instructions twice (English and French). At least English is first.
They sell milk in bags.
There are diagonal crosswalks-seems dangerous.
People don't understand what it means to wait in a line. There are rules people-don't break in line!
I haven't heard "Eh" enough to get tired of it. I'm in Canada, I want to hear it dangit!
Can't connect to gmail.
They have this fruit that looks like an apple, you eat it like an apple, but it tastes like an unripe peach...I'm not sure how to feel about this one.

Canadian bacon is different in Canada-it's better!
There are diagonal crosswalks-seems efficient!
I get to watch SYTYCD-Canada!
They have this fruit that looks like an apple...
You get to leave!


  1. I lived in Canada for 4 years. And I am neither from Canada nor from USA. There are no significant differences in every day's life, but there are some differences...
    This is my list: On average, they work less, have little bit less, smoke more pot, live little bit longer, feel sorry for Americans when they have to go bankrupt trying to pay healthcare bills, have 3 party systems so people in the middle do not have to vote with crazy left and right wingers, have more trouble finding a job, they are really funny people, they can actually speak two languages, they have a bigger country, they have less people, they own magnetic north pole (how cool that is?), in small towns they do not look their homes (believe or not), they have a taller building than USA, Niagara Falls is nicer from their side, their approach is diversity not a melting pot, there is no Canadian dream, they listen Neil Young way too much, their summers are too short their food is not that great (OK, Canadian bacon is good, but they do not have pulled pork..), they like (English) and hate (French) the Queen, they all think that W was an idiot, they ride snowmobiles not Harleys... They have a cool beer commercials (, but Americans make better beer. So, there you have it. :-)

  2. Zel, Very nice observations! You've swayed me on a few of these...maybe I should give it another shot? :)


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