Sunday, June 10, 2012

I wonder...

Is there registration in heaven? How long is the wait?
Are family and friends that have died before waiting for you when you get there?
Do you immediately get your angel wings or is there a trial period?
Can you eavesdrop on people on Earth?
Is dog heaven and people heaven the same?
Is there chardonnay in heaven?
Can you eat whatever you want with no consequences?
Are you outfitted with what you died in or do you get an unlimited closet to choose from?
Can you watch TV and movies?
Is there an alternate form of communication rather than phones or email?
Is there some better vacation spot than the beach?
Do people get assigned a "job", except it's your favorite thing to do ever?
Is there money in heaven?
Do you need an alarm clock in heaven?
Can you review your life, like on DVD?
Do you get to choose your friends?

Mom knows the answer to all these things. I will, too, one day.


  1. Though parts of this makes me sad, parts make me smile with love and joy. I think as for the communication, you may not get a call or email from her but be sure to keep your eyes out for signs from her, whether it is a song playing or a scene somewhere or a word or something, it will be her way of checking in with you to let you know that she is still with you!

  2. All good questions. I like to think that your family and friends are waiting for you. And, some people get wings right away.

    I like to think they can eavesdrop on people on Earth and speak to our hearts to help us make the right decisions...or just tell us they love us.

    And, if there was not a wine bar and an unlimited closet in heaven, then my grandmother addressed the situation and both are now available.


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