Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday Surprises

Somehow, the month of August has come and gone. It started with getting ready for Sturgis, then recovering from Sturgis, then getting ready for Los Angeles, then recovering from Los Angeles, then getting ready for my birthday, then recovering from my birthday-see a theme here? I still have not had a chance to get all the pics from Sturgis organized and loaded, but it is on my to-do list. It's coming people, I promise!

But first, the important stuff...my birthday was Monday, the 30th. No, not my 30th birthday, rather August 30th. I'm several years past 30. I'll let you decide what "several" means. A few blogs back I posted about surprises that my friends, well, surprised me with. Little did I know at the time that Jim was planning a surprise party for my birthday. Some of you may know that I'm a details gal. I like to know details. Details make me happy. Jim did not give me any details. I couldn't even trick or bribe him...I'm telling you, he's good. He enlisted several accomplices to help with various parts of the operation, and it was perfect. There was food, cake, decorations, tasty beverages, roses, and presents. It's been quite a few years since someone threw me a birthday party, let alone a surprise party, and this one ranks #1.

Side note: the party ranked at #2 is when my friend Angela along with several of our friends surprised me with a four-foot tall plush Kerokerokeroppi. She was with me when I loved and hugged on him every time we went to Sanrio at Crabtree when I was 13-14. That thing is 'da bomb stuffed animal, and yes, I say is because I still have him. There, I said it, I'm 30+ and still love stuffed animals.

Ahem, now, where was I. Ah yes, my 30s. Although this is not where I saw myself at this age by society's standards, I am happy to be here and feel lucky to have such wonderful friends and family in my life. My friend, Diana, who has an appropriate quote for every situation known to man (and puts them to very good use I might add), told me, "If things are tough, remember that every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there." - Barbara Johnson.

Now for a few pics from the party.

Sneaky McSneakerson:
August 2010 027-cropped

My Diddy:

Ma and me (and a picture crasher):


Luckily, Jim is trained (among other things) to fight fire: 

"Yay! We didn't have to break out the fire extinguisher!"

Thank you, baby. The suspense was well worth it! 


  1. You adore Kerokerokeroppi? Are you sure you're not Asian? Maybe we ARE related...


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