Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Great Fall Weekend

I think most of us would agree that we work for the weekends. Lately, this has been more true than ever, especially when you have weekends like this one. Friday night started with roses from Jim, dinner, and a movie, all to celebrate our six-month anniversary. I know that six months doesn't seem like a long time, but good men are hard to find, and lucky for me, I found one.
6-month roses

Then we move to Saturday where we went to the fair with our friends, Dave and Cathy. It was Jim's first time at the NC State Fair, and my first time in several years. We rode the bikes there to hopefully find an easy place to park, and we did! Then we made our way through the crowds, saw the livestock, giant veggies, a bluegrass band, and the big Smokey! I wonder if we can get Jim to volunteer to run it next year...doubtful!

Then there was the food. We shared kettle corn, funnel cake, fried pickles, and yes, the Krispy Kreme burger. Before you get all grossed out, it really wasn't that bad. We took the advice of someone else who tried it and only had it with bacon and cheese. No lettuce, ketchup, or mustard, 'cause THAT would've been gross! 

The taste 

The reaction? Pretty good!

The worst thing about it was the mess the doughnuts left on your fingers. Which actually, I wouldn't know anything about since my gentleman boyfriend held it for me while I took my bites. It's the modern-day countrified version of covering a puddle of water with his coat. Chivalry at its best!

After the fair we went to Steve and Patty's house for movie night under the stars. Granted, it was a little chilly, but sitting by the fire pit snuggled under a blanket made it very cozy. And the awesome popcorn didn't hurt either!

Sunday, we rode with JABG folks 210 miles through Uwharrie National Forest then Asheboro. The trip took us through Star, NC, which is the exact geographical center of NC. Seems fitting since we've also been through the geographical center of the US (all 50 states, not the 48 contiguous in case you were wondering), Belle Fourche, SD. I also saw something I've never seen before-members of JABG consulting, of all things, a MAP! Not the GPS!! The fellas went old school, y'all.

Ended the night with Mexican food, Young and the Restless, and an early bedtime for one tired Shanpie.


  1. The next time they go to Uwharrie, insist on a side trip to the Town Creek Indian Mound. It's a state park thing that's well worth the trouble. I suspect the bike ride there would be fun too.


    Town Creek Indian Mound
    509 Town Creek Mound Rd.
    Mt. Gilead, NC 27306
    Phone: (910) 439-6802
    Fax: (910) 439-6441

  3. Thanks, Jim! I have suggested it to the group as a good ride for the spring or summer. We're always looking for cool different places to go!


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