Monday, October 25, 2010

Rider's Roost Recap

This weekend was spent with some JABG friends at Rider's Roost Campground. We had a gorgeous weekend for viewing the fall colors along the Blue Ridge Parkway. And bonus, it wasn't too terribly cold either! (i.e., I didn't have to be thawed out). The key to riding in 50-ish degree weather (which means the "feels like" temp when you're riding is 10 degrees colder) is to wear LAYERS! Any colder, and I'll definitely need some leather chaps.

The campground was just right for a bunch of bikers. There were fire-side chats until the wee hours, most of which were led by our very own "caveman", Charlie. There is a river that runs through the camp and when we go back again (hopefully in the summer time) we'll get in. It's also convenient to great area rides.

During one of our stops for a rest break, there were three puppies in a little shed. Apparently, these puppies were free! They were so sweet I just wanted to take one home. I wonder if they make helmets small enough for the little guys?

Along with all of the gorgeous mountains and leaves, we saw TONS of churches and nurseries (plants, not kids). There was a church around every corner and on every mountain, trailer, cliff, and parcel of land to be found. Mountain-folk sure do like their religion. And the nurseries! Now I know where Christmas trees come from! If I wasn't looking at a steeple, I was looking at a future Christmas tree.

Here's a slideshow of a few pics.

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  1. Great photos. And, the free puppies were too cute!


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