Sunday, October 3, 2010

Raleigh Bikefest

Last weekend was the Raleigh Bikefest. The best feature of this rally? We only had to travel 20 minutes rather than 36 hours to get there! Jim and I went down on Friday night after work. Had a couple drinks, listened to some bands and walked around. At one point I thought I was going to get hit by an Amtrak, but no, it was this bike with a train horn rigged on the front. Bikers are so creative.


In comparison with the other rallies, we saw a lot fewer people, a lot more clothes on these people, and lots of kids running around. Bikes were still cool though. It's nice to have this event in our little city.

The next day we went back with some JABG friends. Met at Ray Price then rode through downtown.

Fayetteville Street Mall

There were some events, more people (still with more clothes), and tons of dogs. All of which were Great Danes. I guess it's not cool for bikers to be seen with dogs less than 100 pounds?

Also, whose idea was this booth? Shocker, bikers don't like crepes.

There was also a Carolina Hurricanes bike. So I took some pics just for my mom, and cousin, Claudia. Both of whom I think would actually ride this bike. Signed by the players and complete with hockey stick-shaped rear view mirrors.
Hurricanes seat

Skipping back to Friday night, we went to BoneDaddy's Hideaway after we left downtown. What's a BoneDaddy's you ask? (well, one of you asked) I don't know, but I like it. IMG_4849
And as it turns out, I am now mayor of BoneDaddy's - for those that follow foursquare. It wasn't much of a competition as it seems that bikers aren't really into the whole foursquare thing. I guess having your whereabouts known at all times isn't an attractive feature for bikers. Kinda ruins the whole badass thing, huh?

The best thing about Friday night was the band, Automag. A cool blend of southern and hard rock straight out of JoCo, even wrote a song about it. Good covers and good originals. Can't wait for when they come local again. Warning, some content may not be suitable for children under the age of 18, or non-biker adults over the age of say, 65? No offense.


  1. "In comparison with the other rallies, we saw a lot fewer people, a lot more clothes on these people..."

    Nice comparison. :)

  2. I'm impressed you're a MAYOR on foursquare! Good job! I've got a new phone that has me back to foursquaring. Haven't gotten anything free in a while!


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