Monday, October 11, 2010

Sturgis Pics...Finally!

So...finally...after about two months...I've organized and loaded the Sturgis pics into some sort of web album slideshow thingy (hopefully) that y'all will be able to click through and view. I'm still relatively new to Flickr, so fingers crossed that this thing actually works.

After five hours of going through about 1,500 pics, I've narrowed it down to these 100. There are bikes, babes, boys, boobies, booze, and blacktop. I tried to find a little something for everyone. As I stated in my first blog, the disclaimer still applies (i.e., some of these pics are PG-13, some may qualify for Rated R). And some of the pics stay just between those that actually went...what happens in Sturgis...

Most of you already know the back story behind this trip (and if you don't, just click through my earlier blogs!), so I won't go into great detail here. Hopefully the captions on the pics will describe all the beautiful, fun, interesting, crazy sites we saw. If there are burning questions, just email or comment and I'll answer!

Grab a seat, grab a beer, and away we go!

P.S. It looks like the captions don't show when you view the slideshow through the blog. If you click "Sturgis 2010" or any of the pics it should bring you to my flickr photostream where you can view the captions and descriptions. If you run the slideshow, make sure you click "show info" in the upper right hand's worth it, promise!


  1. Holy moley. I'm surprised Alfonso hasn't commented on some of the pics yet. I'm sure you had him in mind for some of these...

  2. I think the best part of the home tent pic was the pile of beer cans by the tree. It all looked so natural. Meanwhile, Flickr is holding back on the boob pics. Maybe I should make more coffee or something.

  3. You had me scared there for a second, Penny. But it looks like all the ones I posted are still there. I didn't post any of the nekked ones (not that I had any...) :)


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