Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

After nine days away, it's back to the old routine. Luckily, that old routine included a soft bed with soft sheets. I probably could have slept until noon, but it was an early day for me. I picked up boys from the kennel this morning. They were very glad to get back to their quiet home and had a nice long walk tonight. Now it's time for catching up with my friends in Genoa City. Wow, I've missed a lot (and actually nothing at all...soaps are good that way).

Now for the not so pleasant part. I brought something(s) back with me from the trip...chiggers!! Yuck!!! I thought it was just nasty skeeter bites, but when I showed some people at work, then Googled it, it's chiggers. I nearly passed out. I'm trying every home remedy there is and took some Benadryl which should help with the itching. I will spare you the pics on this one. I hope my friends don't quarantine me to a leper colony.

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