Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dirty bikes

After an 1,800 mile trip to Sturgis, 900 miles on the bike while in Sturgis, and 1,800 miles home we have four very dirty bikes. Two of the bikes were washed at the camp on Thursday. Though that was more for the boys' entertainment and less about actually cleaning the bikes since the ones doing the washing were bikini-clad girls.

We hit a couple of rainstorms on the way home (which actually did nothing to rinse the bikes), lots of bugs, and even more dirt. The result is below. Pictures just don't do the dirt justice. Before anyone gets any ideas (Jim) I will not be washing your bike in a bikini. It is, however, a good idea for a car/bike wash business.

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Location:Greensboro, NC


  1. Ah, come on Shan-where's your sense of adventure-it might help get you some tips to pay for your trip

  2. I think your mom just gave you a new blog idea...

  3. i agree. but girls can be jealous...there used to be a hair cut place back in jacksonville called "teddies." you can imagine how the girls were dressed...all the marine wives got it shut down. :(


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