Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things I've learned so far, Part 2a

So this morning I posted a blog about things I've learned. It was fairly clever, long, and even included a pic. Some of you may have seen it, but now it's not showing. So, I'll try to remember the different things and write it again.

I know you've been itching for your American Shanpie fix, and I've been a little slack. That's because service out here with AT&T is horrible. It's very spotty, and my Verizon friends aren't having any issues (I now feel your pain, Penny!). So, I've learned that AT&T and their so-called "map" only really applies to places where there are more people than cows (i.e., NOT South Dakota).

Thing 2 that I've learned, and a suggestion from Dave (go figure). You know what smells worse than a port-a-pottie? The truck that comes to clean out the potties. The take-away from this one, don't park next to the potties or the clean-up truck at a gas station.

South Dakota-ans (the second state that I don't know what they call themselves) really like to blast and bang on their granite. Yesterday we went on a 225 round-trip ride to the Crazy Horse mountain and Mt.. Rushmore. Did you know that the Crazy Horse scultpture isn't completed? When complete, it's going to look like the pic below. Considering it took about 50 years to complete just what's been done so far, I imagine my great-great-great-great grandkids might get to see the finished product.
Crazy Horse Now:

Crazy Horse when finished:

Mt. Rushmore:

Another thing I've learned, the minute it starts raining and you stop to put your rain gear on (which is not too easy for 7 people), it stops raining.

And lastly, for today at least, Zel was right. There IS a Wal-Mart everywhere. We went there today!


  1. these guys need to get crackin'

  2. Great photos. Sorry for the technical difficulties.

    And, you are correct -- residents of South Dakota are called South Dakotans. Yeah for a nickname that makes sense!!

  3. I'm sad to report that there is no Walmart in Monterey. And there is no future plans for a Walmart to arrive. :-( We must go north a few cities or inland a few farms to find a Walmart.

  4. Great pics-hope it didn't disappoint u as it did Ellen. Also , let's hope yall aren't parked near a port-a potty-I know how sensitive your sense of smell is
    miss ya


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