Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What happens in Sturgis...

Last night we went to the Full Throttle Saloon and it's everything it promises to be. It's one crazy party and all of it captured on film for a new season of the tv show on TruTV channel. It's the world's largest biker bar and an all around cool place. Marshall Tucker Band played last night, but we only ended up hearing maybe one song. There was fire, nakedness, dancing in cages-and that was just from the bartenders. Can't wait to see the new season and I sure hope I won't be on it.

After breakfast this morning we went back to the Full Throttle to hook up for the Hoel ride. We rode with a huge group through South Dakota and a little town that is the geographical center of the US (not sure how exactly they calculate that) over to The Little Stone Bar. Then on to Hulett, WY where Apparently it was "no panty Wednesday. I wonder if the boys knew that before we left. Then it was on to Devil's Tower.

We rode 220 miles through the two states. Luckily Steve G. kept us from the rain which was threatening us for the whole trip back from Devil's Tower.

Now it's dinner at the campsite and then we'll see what kind of trouble we get in to.

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  1. Lord have mercy! I sure hope JABG wasnn't on the bar participating-or do yall remember ?? Also did u take pics? Bet your "rear end" is getting a workout from all that bike riding. And the adventure continues-thanks for the update

  2. "No Panty" Wednesday?! Oh me, oh my. *Blushing*

  3. Who knew Wednesday had a theme?? And, it looks like you found the bar trifecta -- fire, nakedness, and dancing in cages -- always good entertainment.


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