Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spearfish Canyon ride

Since today (Friday-in case I don't get to post this tonight) is our last full day before our trek home we decided to take an easy and short ride through Spearfish Canyon to see some beautiful waterfalls. There were three main falls, and below is a pic of Roughlock Falls.

On the way home we rode through Deadwood (I think our third trip through Deadwood) to stop and have a shot at the saloon where Wild Bill Hickock was killed.

Then on back to camp to load up the bikes and as much other stuff as we could and get ready to go.

A couple of things I've noticed while camping: the stars are gorgeous without the interference of city lights. You can see all sorts of constellations that I wish I knew the name of (though I did see the dippers).

Turkeys really DO trot. We have a nice family of turkeys that visited with us the entire time. They also lived in the trees above us, which was slightly annoying, just BTW, and I won't have any qualms about eating their brother in November.

Lastly, a week in a tent is about four days too long. I think, though, for my first camping trip I did pretty good. And bonus, I'm still alive! The bike didn't kill me and neither did the bugs!

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Location:Spearfish, SD

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