Friday, August 20, 2010

On the road again

Though the title implies another road trip, it's actually a flight. (yay for no 30+ hour rides in a truck!) This morning I left on a trip to LA for work. Throughout the year I find myself making four to five work trips, mostly day trips to DC, and most all requiring a flight somewhere. My airline of choice is American Airlines, or AA, or EE as a few work peeps like to refer to it. The EE standing, of course, for Evil Empire. Their airline of choice? USeless Air. But with the new travel and expense policy at work, we often do not have a choice which airline to fly. (Da man prefers Southwest; I prefer to get to my destination safely with as little "flair" as possible). I got lucky this time and the cheapest, most convenient flight happened to be on AA. Yay for frequent flier miles! (ask me how excited I am about this when I have to take the red eye back next Monday night).

Parking tip from one of the smart and well-traveled work peeps: take a pic of where you parked so as not to wander aimlessly upon your return (especially when that return is after a red eye). I typically like to park on level four as you can normally find a space relatively close to the elevators, but without having to circle up so many levels that you're dizzy.

(There used to be a pic here, but thanks, Alf, for alerting me to my mistake)

While I am not the most frequent flier, I have been on my share of large cross-country and cross-ocean planes. Much larger than the 3 x 3 I'm on now. However, I haven't ever sat over the wing in those large planes. I don't recommend it. My view out the window at take off was not pleasant. I know it takes huge amounts of gas and power to allow a plane to take off, especially with my big behind on it, but to see the wings struggle to cut through the wind?? NOT FUN!

I wonder what marketing genius decided to put on the wing of a flight that doesn't have WiFi?

Another tip? Don't pack the second book in your checked bag when you only have a few chapters left on book number one. I've read the in-flight mag twice in English and once in Spanish. Si, intiendo un poco de los articulos y no necesito leer espanol para mirar a las fotografias. Enrique is hot in any language.

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  1. tip #3: don't publish the pic of where you parked, and tell everyone on the internet that you're gone for a week :P

  2. I'm sure my espanol was horrendous too

  3. Perhaps you should pick up a few new magazines for the flight home. And, level four is the best level. ;-)

  4. Level 7 is where the law requires me to park, except on those bad days when I'm redirected to the basement, and I do mean basement.


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