Sunday, August 15, 2010

My boys

As most of you know, I refer to my dogs, Buddy and Bailey, as my "boys". During this trip I've affectionately referred to the two-legged men as boys. So as not to confuse the two, I just want to clarify that this blog is about my four-legged furry boys, not the two-legged hairy boys.

They have been in the kennel since we left last Friday. I miss them terribly and will pick them up before work tomorrow. I can't wait to get their slobbery kisses and throw the ball for them.

Along the trip we saw a lot of dogs. Every time we passed one I had to pet it. Some people came with their dogs in their RVs and some on the bike (not sure the logistics on that one though).

The sweetest dog was Shorty who we met in Spearfish Canyon during lunch. His owner is a farmer and was one of the vendors there. Shorty is an eleven year old Border Collie with 20,000 miles on him from herding cows and sheep. Such a sweet pup he was.

There was also the docile dogs at the Longhorn Bar in Scenic, SD whose sole job it was to lay on the sawdust floor and greet the patrons.

Every time I pet one of the dogs it made me miss my boys even more. Can't wait to see their sweet faces!!

Location:40 east, TN


  1. I've missed your "boys" too!!

  2. it looks something like this, but you end up looking like a perv

  3. Uh, yeah. Odd. I imagine there is usually a crate or a sidecar involved.


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