Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our sixth stop

We made it to Indiana, the crossroads of America.

This has been our sixth stop and the bikes are still standing!

Below is a pic of how indianans (is that how they call themselves?) put a/c in their car!

It's about as good as dad's idea of 2/60 air!
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Location:Austin,United States


  1. I've never liked the name of that state... You can probably figure out why.

  2. The word you want is Hoosiers...residents of Indiana are Hoosiers. Like the movie...and a more appealing name for Diana.

    Hope that the trip is going well!!

  3. Di- it took me a sec, but I finally figured it out.
    T- I knew you would know! We're in Whiteland, IN. Almost became mayor of Denny's!

  4. Oh to be young again.....


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