Sunday, August 15, 2010


After 29 hours on the road we made it back safe and sound. Since it took 34 hours to get out there, I'm not sure how we cut five hours off, but thankfully we did. Now comes the fun part of unpacking, laundry, and arranging the pics we all took.

Thanks to everyone who kept us in your thoughts and prayers for a safe journey. Thank you, Diana for looking after my house and getting the mail. Thanks to my awesome parents for taking care of my yard. It looks great and I don't have to cut the grass!!

Also, I had a nice little surprise waiting for me when I got home.

I wonder if my mom knows just how true that is. Now off to sleep in my very own bed tonight!!

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  1. Unfortunately I know where you get your sense of "Been there, done that CAN'T REMEMBER". I taught you-oh well, at least you've got youth on your side
    love you and so thankful to Jim for protecting and taking care of you. I didn't worry one little bit-(only kidding)

  2. No, she didn't worry one LITTLE bit...she worried LOTS of bits, and you were the topic of conversation for the entire whole week. On the other hand, she was so excited about your daily adventures!!

    Thanks for sharing your trip...I have really enjoyed your blog...great way to "journal" and much easier!! Glad you are home and our prayers were answered for you and your friends' safe journey home.

  3. Your mom wasn't the only one worrying about you. She hangs with women who worry! :) I woke up several times Sat night worrying about you all driving through the night...said a little prayer each time. I'm glad you're home - can't afford to lose any more sleep!

    I've really enjoyed your blog - very entertaining!


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